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Commercial Constructions / Renovations

Commercial renovation projects are very different to residential projects. Whether your business has multiple offices and a large number of employees or is a smaller operation with few employees, there are a number of considerations that must be met to ensure the successful completion of a commercial renovation project.


Commercial renovations often require significant upgrades to electrical service, especially during business expansions. Electrical services may need to be upgraded to power new or additional computers, photo copiers, printers or new offices.

Permits and code

Commercial buildings are bound by different regulations and codes to residential buildings. Permits are required for commercial renovations just as they are for residential projects.

Essential services

One of the challenges of commercial renovation is maintaining essential services such as warmth and lighting and water during the renovation period. If you wish to renovate your business property and wish to remain open during the renovation period, your staff and clients must have access to washroom facilities.

Employee/client safety

During office renovations, safety regulations still have to be followed, meaning there must be unobstructed fire exits and operational smoke detectors EXIT signs and water sprinklers if applicable.

Temporary relocation

During renovations in one part of an office, it may be necessary to temporarily relocate employees to another part of your building, and this may require professional moving services that a quality commercial renovation contractor will be able to supply. Also, you may want to check for post renovation janitorial services.

As a leading general contractor, Dilamco are well versed in the preparation and implementation of strategies that will ensure your commercial renovation project runs smoothly.

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