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Montreal Sewer & Septic System Disasters

Sewer and septic system malfunctions and disasters are among those most dreaded by homeowners. Not only are they a huge mess to deal with, they are among the most dangerous to the health of your home and its inhabitants. Sewer backups can occur for a variety of reasons, but quick response is the key to minimizing damages.

What To Do – Sewage Backups

If you find sewage backup in your basement or anywhere else near your home, do a quick check to see if anything inside is causing the problem. Check your toilets, sinks, drains, and vents quickly to see if there is a blockage. If there is nothing you can quickly identify causing the problem, call your municipality to notify them of a potential sewer problem. Calling us right away will minimize the damages to your home, as well as to your health. We will respond rapidly to your request for services and can take over the situation for you, enabling you to deal with other tasks.

Assess Your Electrical Situation

Call Hydro Quebec if the sewage backup has reached any electrical outlets or wiring to have them switch off your power. DO NOT enter any room if the wastewater could be touching electrical outlets as you can get electrocuted. If you are able to shut off the power safely yourself, do so as soon as possible, especially if the sewage is continuing to fill the room. If a gas furnace/appliance is involved, it is wise to shut it off or contact your gas company to do so.

Cleaning Up After a Sewer Backup

Because of the nature of sewage backups, it is very important to follow precautionary  health measures. Because black water contains a wide variety of bacteria and viruses, no one, under any circumstance, should come in contact with the waste water and any persons under the age of 2, elderly people or people with compromised health MUST stay clear of the contamination zone.

Dilamco’s Disaster Recovery Services

We will work closely with all appropriate service providers and your insurance company to ensure that your home is restored to its original condition, and often better. We can also help to take photos, document damages and losses, and create accurate estimates for restoration services. Call us today, we’re ready to help. 514-820-0773

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